Whitney Wolfe Says No to Oppression

Whitney Wolfe birthed her idea of Bumble from her moments of agony. She admits that so many times she had agonized over a guy not responding to her texts. She also learned that many women had painful memories of men, who just loved ghosting: leaving them without explaining. Whitney knew that she had to rescue the women; she had to give them their power back.

Other than the above, Whitney underwent a nasty breakup with Justin Mateen, with whom she had co-founded the dating App called Tinder. Justine called Whitney a whore, embarrassed her publicly, and pushed her out of Tinder as a partner. That was the darkest night that any woman could experience. However, Whitney Wolfe decided to sue Justin and she found justice when the court awarded her sufficient damages. Nevertheless, Whitney desired to help the women gain their strength back, using her experience. She came up with Bumble App that allowed women to make the first move in relationships. The move would make certain that men respected women and understood that they were an option that a woman could terminate at any time.

At Bumble, nudity is not allowed. Nudity as per Whitney Wolfe and the management team at Bumble is defined as shirtless men and unsolicited men genitals on the app. These are offensive to women and must be terminated at all costs. At the same time, honesty is a virtue that is highly valued in Bumble. As a rule, users should not be abusive, and anyone who becomes insensitive is terminated from using the dating app. Ghosting is also dealt with as one should explain if they need to leave a relationship instead of just disappearing.

Bumble BFF is an equally successful venture by Whitney Wolfe. The above is a module within the Bumble app, and it allows women to interact with other women. Whitney realizes that the women agonize alone most times and suffers stress and depression among other similar ailments. These could be avoided if the woman had more people to share her life’s struggles with. Bumble BFF fulfills this mandate as it allows women to make female friends, whom she can trust. It also allows one to make new friends easily in new locations.

Find more about Whtney Wolfe: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/18/fashion/bumble-feminist-dating-app-whitney-wolfe.html

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