Bruce Levenson Using Do Good Institute to Create Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders

Former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson is making a great impact in the world of nonprofit organizations. Since he sold the club in 2014, Levenson dedicates a large part of his time in supporting programs that foster interest in charitable and volunteering activities by students. In 2010, Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen helped found the Do Good Institute, an initiative at the University of Maryland that is creating a new generation of exemplary leaders in the nonprofit world. The couple contributed $75 million seeding capital for the program.

Do Good Institute is geared towards accomplishing two missions: to transform the campus into a Do Good campus where each student is informed and motivated to give back to the society, and to develop the next generation of leaders in the nonprofit sector. Since it was initiated, the program has drawn a positive response from many students in the campus, with some of them drawing from their learning to create nonprofit initiatives of their own. Ben Simon, a former student of the Do Good program now runs Imperfect Produce, a movement he founded to help minimize the amount of produce that goes to waste after being considered unfit for retail.

Levenson’s initiative is helping transform the higher education program to meet the growing need for visionary leaders in the nonprofit world. He hopes that in the future, other campuses will replicate the initiative and equip young leaders with a passion for volunteering and philanthropic activities.

Levenson was born in Washington, D.C. He took his college studies at the Washington University before enrolling for a course in Law at the American University. The former Washington Star journalist has invested in various organizations, among them UCG and TechTarget. He also supports several charitable causes including the Hoops Dreams Organization and the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C.

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