Roberto Santiago: A Pacesetter in Mall Elegance

Operating a mall offers entrepreneurs a unique business opportunity that if effectively exploited, can provide a stable stream of income. A mall is a hypermarket of demand as it can shelter a variety of businesses under one roof. Malls allow customers the opportunity to do most of their shopping under one roof while also incorporating entertainment and leisure activities. However, there are challenges inherent with mall ownership including stiff competition and evolving tastes and preferences of the consumers. Therefore, malls should constantly adapt their products and services and reposition themselves. One such mall that has effectively adopted this strategy is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping: a Roberto Santiago-owned shopping mall in Joao Pessoa City.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall: A Scion of Mall Evolution

When Roberto Santiago opted to establish Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, technology was at its infancy stage. His career working at a café or operating his own decorations manufacturing company would have done little in preparing him for the experience ahead. In 1989, the use of 3D technology in movie theaters was unimagined while having a primarily leisure and fun themed mall would have seemed like a brave business choice. However, drawing from his experience and professional background as a Bachelor of Business Administration degree holder, Roberto Santiago established the largest mall in his locality. The mall incorporated numerous leisure and entertainment options for the clients with a touch of elegance from its architectural design, which gives the mall its elegant ambience.

His passion and hard work has seen him not only expand his service provision but also expand the physical space occupied by the mall. The exquisite mall has over ten movie rooms fitted with 3D technology as well as a VIP section. The mall’s Domus Hall, located on the roof, is the nerve center of entertainment with concerts and art exhibitions the major attractions. The mall has a bar, a food area and a children playground. The amusement park for gaming installed with the latest technologies. Fitness enthusiasts can also enjoy the fully equipped modern fitness center. Read more on

Reinvention, Diversity and Elegance: The Keys to Success

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall’s success is by diversification and elegance. By diversifying services, Mr. Santiago ensured that the establishment is cushioned against market forces such economic recession that hit the country. Most of the services and goods offered are complimentary. This ensured that despite the difficult financial times, the establishment still registered a growth in profits. Moreover, Mr. Santiago opted for a unique architectural design with an elegant touch. The natural trees including palms and shrubbery are attractive while many find the open spaces very comfortable. In the face of stiff competition, the mall’s management has put in place a reinvention strategy that will see it retain its position as the number mall of choice in Joao Pessoa City. Visit Mundo Do Marketing to read more.

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