Dull, Dry And Lifeless Hair Needs WEN By Chaz For Super Shine And Body

Have you ever envied another woman’s super shiny hair and then looked at your own dull locks? You are not alone, and a number of factors can come into play that give you a matte, lifeless mane.

Professional stylists cite these enemies of glossy hair: abuse of heat styling, chemical damage, improper styling techniques and even environmental grime and pollution, as well as stresses of several kinds.

Many of us won’t part with our bad hair habits and hot styling tools, so routine hair cuts at the salon are a must. Also, the proper cleansing and conditioning products really go a long way, and if you’re a big lather kind of woman, think again.

WEN By Chaz is the no lather shampoo system that revolutionized the way women around the globe care for their hair. It’s an exceptionally unique concept that uses zero shampoo and zero sulfates, because Chaz Dean swears you don’t need the foam and bells and whistles, which are all nasty, hidden chemicals. He should know, because he’s been a famous celebrity stylist for years in Hollywood. His elite clientele demand great-looking locks with gloss and body, so that is what spurred Chaz Dean to develop a better cleansing experience.

With Wen 5-in-1 cleansing conditioners, you receive a formula that acts olike the washing action of a shampoo, a conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioning treatment. Talk about a multi-tasking beauty product, this break-through concept is remarkable. The WEN way has been designed for any type of hair on any head in any condition. Even if your tresses are fried, there’s a WEN By Chaz solution for you. His herbal and plant extracts provide a natural, gentle, holistic approach to hair care.

The brand also includes nourishing mousses, anti-frizz styling creams and moist intensive hair treatments.

Wen products are Sephora available and can also be purchased online directly thru wen.com.

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