• May 27, 2022

IM Academy Products

Are you interested in learning forex trading? IM that offers digital educational services and products that teach forex trading skills. IM Academy has four learning modules referred to as academies. Here are the 4 products offered by the academy!

  1. FRX Academy

This module teaches learners the basics of foreign currency exchange through interactive GoLive lessons and videos. The module contains seventy-six videos that include the following essential subjects;

  • What is forex?
  • The history of forex
  • What is traded in forex
  • Understanding buying and selling in the markets
  • Bid versus ask
  • Understanding stop loss
  • Analysis of trends
  • An introduction to Harmonics
  • Risk management planning
  1. HFX Academy

In this module, students learn about the high-frequency exchange. The academy content includes high-frequency exchange basics, types of analysis, and methods of analysis. The structure of this module is similar to the FRX module and includes ninety-five videos and GoLive interactive lessons.

  1. DCX Academy

In this academy, students learn about trading and digital currency exchange. The module content entails an introduction to digital currency, news about digital currency, market volatility, blockchain, valuation, and types of trading. The academy contains twenty-five pre-recorded videos and GoLive sessions with experienced educators.

  1. ECX Academy

This course focuses on e-commerce and teaches students how to manage and build an online business. The module content entails the basics of e-commerce, selling online, payment processing, creating an online business, and marketplace options. This course has a similar structure to the other 3 three academies. The module includes GoLive sessions with experienced educators and more than four hundred video modules.

Apart from the four academies, IM Academy also offers a discount bundle package known as the elite academy. This package provides substantial savings for subscribers. Enroll with IM Academy today

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