• August 5, 2022

How Tom Keane And Microsoft Azure Global Team Are Empowering Space Developers

Tom Keane, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Azure Global, says that this cloud computing platform can help any developer to become a space developer. The software developer is a tech executive with more than 20 years of experience creating and leading engineering teams and business units worldwide. Tom Keane leads a global engineering team building the Azure platform.


This, to facilitate adoption by all countries, industries, and customers as Tom Keane explains. Microsoft, through Azure, is providing an empowering platform for developers. The platform allows the connection of spacecraft running AI workloads to Azure cloud. Tom Keane says Microsoft Azure is “reducing barriers for space application development and enhancing flexibility of software solutions.” 


Developers can now develop, analyze and deploy space applications on the ground and in orbit by leveraging the developer tools and the integration with Azure services. Azure, in collaboration with partners, allows the capacity to perform the following tasks. Tom Keane will be in collaboration and supervision for the project.


Testing AI for Astronaut Safety

An AI workload test developed by Microsoft, NASA, and HPE run on the ISS can detect damages to astronaut equipment. A computer created by NASA and Microsoft identifies and allows an analysis of space glove conditions locally or remotely. 


Analytics for Space Borne Data with Azure Orbital

Tom Keane says that analysts can change detection in the areas of interest using geospatial AI. AI in satellite imagery is a powerful but cost-effective tool suitable for all industries that measure, monitor, and monetize large areas.


Geospatial Models for Analytics on Azure 

Orca, a geospatial analytics service by Blackshark.ai, is now accessible through Azure Synapse Analytics as Tom Keane explains. Orca Services detects objects and extracts attributes of features like vegetation, buildings, roads, and other infrastructure in the future. In a blog article, he explains that “the containerized Orca service integrated into Azure Synapse Analytics provides accurate global-scale insights.

Software developer and engineer Tom Keane finally adds that these insights are based on aerial imagery or satellite data sets on Azure or from customers.”  The service supports applications like telecom signal propagation planning, risk analysis, 3D mapping services, and logistics planning by providing accurate insights. Keane oversees Azure Cyber Sovereignty engineering, security, and data residency. Tom Keane works with regulators and global governments making Azure the industry leader in this area.