• May 6, 2022

 Hassan Jameel as a Visionary Leader

Do you have the qualities of a good leader? Well, leadership is an important aspect of your personal and professional lifestyle. It involves putting the needs of others first before yours. Focusing on making people better through motivation and encouragement. So, this article tells you more about Hassan Jameel as an influential leader.

Indeed, Hassan Jameel believes in the digitization and mobility model of leadership. His business ventures always revolve around an Arabic proverb; ‘If the wind blows, ride it’. This means that opportunities come once. Whenever you get a chance to explore a profession, don’t look back. Focus on the future and don’t worry about where the opportunity will take you.

Hassan Jameel is the Vice Chairman and Deputy President of Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ). A diversified family business with productive input and output. The wind philosophy does not apply to every professional venture in business. It is different for entrepreneurs who have built an organization from scratch. In this case, you have to consider the opportunity you accept which is relevant to your brand.

Hassan Jameel’s leadership in the company has led it to greater heights. The availability of professional personnel makes it easy to contribute to crucial decisions. Jameel also seeks his family’s input in decision-making processes to improve company performance. ALJ operates under a mission that states to be a disruptor is better than to be disrupted. The company has over 75 years of experience in seeking opportunities. As a result, it has grown from a small-scale gas station to a global distributor. Learn more information about Hassan Jameel

Due to the rise in technology, Jameel led the company to explore the manufacture of electric cars. This idea became successful by hiring engineers with advanced mechanic skills. Also, the concept was effective and ideal. Because electric cars had already flooded the automobile market.

Jameel chooses opportunities based on how the company will look 20 years from now. It is always great to plan for the future.