• October 6, 2021

Greg Blatt Career Journey 

Greg Blatt has been the IAC Executive Vice president and General Counsel for six consecutive years. His leadership role at the company kicked off in 2003, and in 2009 he was promoted as IACs Senior Vice President. Serving for several years in IAC, Blatt has vast experience in successful leadership skills.

He was appointed to run an operation in the company’s innovative startup online dating business. At the time he got that position, online dating was still a thing of the past and had not attracted as many users globally as it is today.

Greg Blatt’s role as a leader has always been fueled by passion, motivation, and interests. He dedicated his time to his new position to see that it grows into a booming sector. Greg Blatt’s dream came true, and dating online was much appreciated, and he gave birth to Match Group. Greg put much effort in developing and marketing of Match group to grow to a successful platform.

His moments at Match Group are thrilling. Not only did he apply his professionalism, but it was good to support where he felt fully fulfilled on a personal level. Also, his role at Match Group enables him to put into practice his creative thinking skills.

Match Group is located in Dallas, and this was a good opportunity for Greg Blatt to explore new surroundings. He embraced adventure and appreciated new experiences while in Dallas. Greg Blatt found the Dallas culture to be amazing compared to NYC. IN 2010 Gregg was promoted as the IAC CEO, which was an affiliate of the Match Group Company.

He served at AIC as CEO for three years, and at the time, the company received a steady revenue growth increment. As online dating was growing popularly, almost 75% of IAC earning was directly from Match. Greg being the overseer of Match, has dedicated his expertise to see its success over the years. See this page for additional information.


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