• June 25, 2021

Giants CEO Larry Baer: Why Flexibility Is Key

Since 2010, the San Francisco front office has brought in a dozen elite prospects and turned many of them into everyday major leaguers. And with that kind of depth, the team can afford to be choosy when it comes to their on-field acquisitions. The likes of Gregor Blanco and Joaquin Arias are gone, but the Giants are in a position to add a superstar who might not be worth the seven-year commitment other team’s demand. And they don’t have to sacrifice prospects in the process.

It is fascinating to look back on, especially when you realize that no player or executive has ever been more powerful in the Giants’ internal politics than the Giants CEO, Larry Baer, himself. Because as Giants’ executives have become increasingly pragmatic and innovative under Baer’s influence, their boss has become more like an iconoclast: out to prove that patience, focus, and progress can trump impatience, focus, and progress.

Baer was introduced as president of the San Francisco Giants in 2013, having succeeded Peter Magowan, who died the previous year. Magowan had for years criticized the Giants’ core, a group that was again threatening to become an albatross around the franchise’s neck.

The SF Giants CEO even advocated for a return to the Giants’ teardown-and-rebuild plan. It is one of the reasons they’re able to afford to spend now, even after trading off veterans, the core of which had a year to run on their contracts.

As the Giants have taken on more decision-making power, it is fascinating, not because he’s the football equivalent of Jerry Jones, who hires GMs, but because Larry Baer is devoted to the traditional model of a team owner, no matter the current state of the game. Baer has called upon the baseball team’s development staff – he’s their go-to guy for players, and scouting is where he finds the trade targets – to be the No. 1 asset for the Giants. When it comes to player acquisition, Baer says he operates with “meritocracy.

He led the construction of Oracle Park. Fans often refer to the ballpark as the best ballpark ever built. Since opening day Giants CEO continues to expand impact. Currently, he is overseeing the construction of Mission Rock. The project is estimated to contain 1,500 residential units, 250,000 sq. ft. of retail space, and a million sq. ft. of office space. Also included in the project are 8 acres of parks and green-spaces where the community can gather. Refer to this article, for additional information.


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