• June 24, 2022

Don Manifold: Advisor in Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments

Don Manifold is one of the most respected advisors in mergers and acquisitions having completed over 60 mergers. In his free time, he is an accomplished equestrian. Manifold has been a true asset to the financial services industry by contributing more than 15 years of experience to the practice of mergers and acquisitions.

He has served as a leader and role model in Manifold of Equity & Advisory and Manifold Advisory Partners. Having worked with some of the most respected professionals in the field his experience is invaluable. There are several factors that have made Don Manifold successful.

His leadership experience

Don Manifold has possessed a diverse set of skills, knowledge and experience that have contributed to his success in the field of financial services. He has been a leader and role model in the industry for years having served as a Director at Manifold of Equity & Advisory. His ability to offer counsel to clients regarding financial and business matters is much appreciated by those that he works with both within and without Adelaide.

His expertise

Don Manifold’s more than 15 years of experience has given him a unique perspective on the field. With his knowledge and expertise in this area, he has been able to establish himself as one of the most respected people in the industry. The collaborative process that is needed for mergers and acquisitions is something that Manifold excels at.

His Network

The connections that Manifold has established throughout his career are beneficial to clients and the professionals that he works with. His network of professionals allows him to provide a comprehensive level of service to those that he works with.

As a member of Manifold Advisory Partners, he has access to the most respected professionals in the industry creating an ideal setting for mergers and acquisitions. his knowledge of Adelaide makes the to go to partner on all mergers and acquisition dealings. Refer to this page for additional information.