• June 27, 2021

David Azzato Has Some Advice for UK Entrepreneurs affected by Covid-19

The disruption in the global economy caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has hurt many small businesses and entrepreneurs. The challenges that entrepreneurs are dealing with are unprecedented, and most had little to no room to prepare for them. Investor David Azzato understands the difficult challenges of today`s entrepreneurs and wants them to know that they are not alone. He hopes that his business advice can get them through these tough times and surge ahead during the pandemic. Learn more

Staying Motivated

David Azzato first highlights the importance of staying motivated and keeping the momentum going for your business. With the ongoing pandemic, it is easy to become discouraged by day-to-day changes in your business` performance. Try to keep things going by measuring the success of your business with every accomplishment and milestone.

Tapping Into Your Market

He also suggests getting a better understanding of your demographic. Take advantage of the fact that fewer people are traveling and are staying home. Understanding the needs of the consumers who frequent your business can be made easier because of the pandemic. Ask the people who frequent your business question and take their feedback and suggestions into consideration.

Making Changes

Use the pandemic as an opportunity to reinvent your business. Ask yourself what consumers want out of your business and shake things up a little. Take advantage of the new market and accommodation that have been presented by Covid-19 and try providing new services or selling new products.

The Glass Half-Full

Many businesses have suffered, and some have even had to close due to Covid-19. But that does not mean that every business is failing. Some are thriving because of the actions of the owners. Think about how the pandemic can challenge you and make your business better. How can you reinvent your business to fit the new news of consumers during this time?

Breathe and Think

David Azzato also wants entrepreneurs to remain focus during the pandemic and not get overwhelmed with the emotions that it might have brought on. David is not asking you not feel but instead asking entrepreneurs to make sound decisions despite their feelings.

Asking for Help

David Azzato also discusses how important it is to pay attention to the politics around them and how it affects their business. Since most entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom rely on dividends as income, many did not qualify and therefore did not receive aid from the initial round of government relief aid. Hopefully, this might change as the government is proposing a grant-based rescue plan for entrepreneurs.

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