• July 6, 2021

Stephen Bittel: Fighting Covid-19 While Revolutionizing Real Estate Sector

The year 2020 brought an avalanche of change to the real estate industry. The pandemic has brought many questions on whether they want a physical office space or more convenient for workers to be virtual. Therefore, commercial rent rates are getting lower, and technology use is skyrocketing. Shopping online also seems safer than going into…

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The Role of Grants Assist in Helping Business Secure the Right Grants

Some companies prefer using their savings to expand their operations. However, sometimes they find themselves at crossroads when risks set in. Therefore, the need for loans and other external sources of funds, hence, Grants Assist comes in handy. The company specializes in connecting entrepreneurs to the proper grants. As professionals, they are the first ones…

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Stephen Bittel’s Counsel to Entrepreneurs

With a father and grandfather lawyer, Stephen Bittel’s fate of becoming a lawyer in the future was sealed. That’s why after Bowdoin College and one year of studies abroad, Stephen Bittel joined the University of Miami for a law degree. He was confident beyond the human conviction that he was destined to be a lawyer.…

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