• February 4, 2022

What Makes Jason Hope Such a Visionary is His Ability to See The Bigger Picture

A Tempe native, futurist and entrepreneur Jason Hope attended State University. After earning a degree in finance from the university he went on to enroll at the W.P. Carey School of Business. With that being said however, his formal education only scratches the surface of his vast expertise as a futurist. In fact, he is…

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Eric Lefkofsky: Trust Platform

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur with a family of three children. He is a wealthy person and an individual behind the formation of the Tempus organization. He also partnered in the formation of other organizations. He served as a custodian in the children’s hospital in Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky´s capabilities and knowledge in the business sector…

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Tim Murawski Medical Equipment Guru

Tim Murawski is the current President and Chief Commercial Officer of Augmedics. Augmedics is a Chicago-based corporation specializing in developing medical devices to bring augmented reality technology to spinal surgery. Tim Murawski´s efforts prove noteworthy. Spinal surgery remains among the delicate medical procedures. With impeccable leadership in mind, Murawski strives to make a lasting impact…

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