• July 12, 2021

Bob Bull and the Modern Home Buyer

As the years pass, new generations will come and go. They each have their own unique defining characteristics that set them apart from the previous iterations. In the 21st generation, homeowners are not willing to spend as much money and desire a smaller location. This has led to a steady shift in home marketing. RoyaleLife in the United Kingdom is one of the most unique examples in the developed world. Bob Bull identified this issue and created a solution in the blink of an eye. Ideamensch recently caught up with this business owner to inquire about how RoyaleLife stays ahead of the consumer trends.

The first step to understanding the present marketing shift is looking at the history of the business. Bob Bull is currently running a company that dates back to the 1940s. It was a simpler time where the market was easy to solve. However, new marketing campaigns are always needed to stay relevant. Once he took his current position, there was an aggressive push on his part to document the places a young potential homeowner might like. The result is a strategy that has proven one of the most effective in the industry. Bob Bull seeks to always improve himself and the image of the company.

RoyaleLife has internal tricks to keeping the company full of fresh ideas. Bob Bull focuses on giving each employee the chance to voice their opinion. He understands that ideas can come from the most unlikely of places sometimes. However, when looking to the future he sees the downsizing trend plain as day. The 21st century homeowner rarely desires to live in a high end complex. They want all the common features and little more than that. Bob Bull clearly analyzes how homes are selling to foresee the direction of aspiring consumers.

Learn more about Robert: https://robert-bull.medium.com/