• January 12, 2022

Background Details About Dr. Kurt Hahn and the Duke of Edinburgh Award

People who know Gordonstoun, an Elgin-based co-educational learning institution in Scotland know Dr. Kurt Hahn, the founder.

Hahn is famous for his inspiration behind the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award that he developed alongside Prince Philip at Gordonstoun.

Even though the award is rooted at Gordonstoun, it has impacted the lives of people in about 150 countries.

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Hahn is a prominent educational thinker and for one to comprehend his involvement in the award, his integrity and morality are incomparable.

Hahn’s parents are Jewish and so developed his intensive pedagogical philosophies in Gottingen and Heidelberg universities in Germany.

Hahn also went abroad to study at Oxford University and over those formative years, his educational ethos, as well as a worldview, were determined by his exclusive admiration of Plato’s Republic.

He also loved other facets and features of the school system in Britain that he experienced when at Oxford.

He joined the educational administration category immediately after the first world war.

He partnered with Prince Max of Baden, a former Chancellor of Germany to establish the Southern Germany-based Salem School.

After the war, he opposed the Nazi Party’s rise, and a certain government official told him that his safety was threatened in Germany.

Therefore, he shifted to Moray in Scotland and founded a new school. Hahn was passionate about sharing knowledge as well as shaping minds.

Hahn was sponsored and enjoyed financial support from the rich local families to create Gordonstoun, a British School in 1934.

The school’s name is associated with the estate where it was established.

This institution rapidly gained an impressive reputation for Hahn’s focus on academic curriculum and character development.

The campus sits on more than 200 acres of land and learners relish several outdoor activities and lessons; therefore, making them the best tranquil backdrop.

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