• June 3, 2022

Andrew Frame Tech Journey

Andrew Frame is the initiator and President of Citizen. It was the first app to work with 911 by combining information to protect people. He is a businessman and a skillful software engineer. He dropped out of school at age 15 and started providing internet services to his resident area.

In 2004, he founded a telecommunications company, Ooma. He spent his early years working for internet companies. He joined Cisco Systems in 1997 and worked as the backing engineer. He was later trained in the Global Center of Expertise GCOE, a team with architectural ambitions.

He was the youngest to receive two CCIE certificates in his first year. In 2005, he started developing Ooma and jointly worked with strong executives such as Keith Krach, the CEO of Ariba, Mike Ramsey of Tivo, and Sean Parker of Napster.

In 2007, the company’s partners such as Worldview and Draper Fisher Jurvetson helped raise $27 million. The team members worked with highly profiled companies such as Yahoo, Apple, and Sling Media.

Andrew Frame was named top entrepreneur under 30 by Businessweek editors who are likely to take the digital world to another level in 2007. In 2009, he resigned his role and named Eric Stang as his predecessor. In an interview, Andrew Frame explained the idea of coming up with the app. When he started to think about a product that used technology that could protect people was missing, he quickly saw an opportunity to start one.

For the business’s success, Andrew Frame is always surrounded by a brilliant and mission-oriented team that helps him to bring ideas to life. Working with skillful people helps him share ideas and efficiently solve problems.

Andrew Frame takes feedback from the Citizen’s customers seriously. He engages the users and asks them which features they want to see in the app. Refer to this article for related information.


Additional information about Frame on https://www.topionetworks.com/people/andrew-frame-573c31fd18b39c8d7f000037