Jeremy Goldstein: Why EPS Is Advantageous

EPS, or earnings per share, is a scheme that is being implemented in several companies across the United States, and its primary objective is to give the employees working for the specific company some shares as an incentive. This is awarded on top of their regular salary. Recently, Jeremy Goldstein, a renowned lawyer based in New York City, wrote an article on why EPS is an advantage to the company and why everyone should be implementing it. According to his write up, the EPS platform, if it will be used within the corporate world, would result in more shares being circulated in the stock market. It would affect the flow of the price for certain company stock, and the movement can result in a profit increase.



Jeremy Goldstein also added that a company having an operating EPS platform would draw in more applicants who would want to work for them. EPS is an efficient way to motivate the employees, and because of the tendency of the share to change prices with volatility, the EPS incentive that they are receiving might yield a huge value, just like how cryptocurrency investors are doing in the present. Another argument in support for the EPS platform is the price of each share. Since the company is the one which would provide the stock portfolio or the total shares for their employees, tracking it would be easier and the price each share costs would be much lower compared to those who are already out in the market.



Aside from the advantages of using an EPS platform as an alternative to the incentive, Jeremy Goldstein also stated the disadvantages of the platform. He stated that bringing the EPS platform and integrating the incentive system of a certain company with it can result in a misunderstanding between the company and their employees. The employees might see this as a forced method driven by corporate greed, and that is the reason why the management should speak with their employees first before approving anything that could only result in conflict. If both parties agreed to the terms and conditions, it is the only time when they can implement what they have talked about.


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Brain Training from Neurocore Offers a More Permanent Solution for Depression and ADHD

People who live with ADHD often have an impaired quality of life. This is especially true for children who have difficulty staying focused in a learning environment. A company called Neurocore has developed a more permanent solution to conquering the lack of focus people with ADHD often have. Their solution is to train the brain through biofeedback. A recent online article highlighted the results an eight-year child who was diagnosed with ADHD received after going through the biofeedback treatment. His mother describes it as a 180 degree difference in his ability to focus. Read more about Neurocore at

The process of biofeedback has been used by experts in the medical field for several decades. It has been shown to be an effective tool in controlling conditions such as high blood pressure and migraine headaches. The brain training program used by Neurocore is not just capable of helping people with ADHD, but it can also help people who suffer from depression. The purpose of Neurocore’s brain training is to help empower people through the use of biofeedback so that they can manage their own level of focus. It is through the use of their comprehensive training program that people can learn to manage the focus of their attention for the rest of their life. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The specialized method of training used by Neurocore incorporates the medically proven technique of biofeedback with the brain training visual of neurofeedback. This process allows patients to see a chart of their neural activity during periods when their brain is unfocused and when it is focused. The biofeedback portion of the training involves controlled breathing exercises that have a direct impact on the amount of focus the brain has. When the controlled breathing is combined with neurofeedback, patients can see the actual effect it has on their brain mapping activity.

The process of training the brain to overcome conditions that directly impact the quality of life a person has, is an established form of repetition and reinforcement. While connected to electrodes that pick up the impulses of the brain, patients sit in a quiet room watching a movie that automatically pauses and shrinks any time the brain loses focus. This immediately draws the person’s attention back to the screen. Neurocore’s founder, Dr. Tim Royer, describes the process of brain training as an alternative solution to managing conditions such as depression, anxiety and ADHD in a manner that often allows patients to stop taking prescription medications.


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Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a mathematician whose major expertise is in the field of pure mathematics. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

He received his Doctorate of Philosophy from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, after majoring his thesis on the area of probability in Banach Spaces and also solved a problem in law of iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions, under the director known as Walter Philipp, in the year nineteen eighty-seven.

After his studies he continued his research in mathematics with help of his director and other mathematicians.

To begin his career, he worked at the Louisiana State University, Indiana University where he acquired his fellowship with National Science Foundation. In some of his research, he worked with his director Walter Philipp and they gave a proof of the central limit theorem, while working at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Additionally, he has received awards such as Salem Prize for solving a problem in bilinear Hilbert Transform in conjunction with Christoph Thiele. Other awards include the Simons Foundation and the Guggenheim. Michael Lacey performed most of his research at Georgia Tech faculty.

Furthermore, Michael Lacey has based his research in probability and Harmonic Analysis from Georgia Institute of Technology. All his life has been of success in various fields of his interest. Moreover, he has been a mentor to most postgraduates and undergraduate students.

He has helped them acquire their field of interest and encouraged them to venture in it. Another thing is that, he has helped his students perform well by grouping them with different people with expertise in different fields, so that they are able to help each other through discussions and follow-ups.

In conclusion, Michael Lacey is a dedicated mathematician whose passion has enabled him to greater success and great dimensions of achievements in his life.

His selflessness has enabled him fund some students in their studies and research. In addition, most of his students have been known to find excellent positions in the job markets such as industries.

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Gregory Aziz And The Evolution To Safety-Based Solutions Of Railcar Industry

Railcar industry is one of the most complex industries in the transport sector considering the challenges it faces and diverse needs of its customers. The primary challenge in the industry in the safety measures of the industry in its solutions that defines the customer centricity. Since the railcar industry solutions are used by various chemical and oil industry players, safety and quality become most crucial in their priorities. This was clearly understood by the prominent railcar industry executive, Gregory Aziz. As the Chairman of the leader of Railcar Industry in North America, National Steel Car, he led a revolution in the area almost two decades back.



It was a fairytale story for the Railcar maker from Canada since Gregory J Aziz acquired it in the year 1994. Before acquiring the firm, Aziz understood that the company was once the leader in North American freight car sector but lost its market share due to lack of innovation and structured operation. He also identified that the firm has excellent engineering expertise and has a great culture of wonderful teams. Gregory James Aziz utilized these factors along with investing significantly in the workforce as well as equipment capacity, which is found to be critical in turning the fortunes of National Steel Car in the later years.



With the active leadership of Gregory J Aziz, the freight car maker significantly improved its production capacity to 12,000 units from just 3,000 within five years. Similarly, its employee strength touched 3,000 during the same period; it was just 600 in 1994. The efforts of Aziz gifted back the industry leadership to National Steel Car, and since then, the firm is the leading player in transitioning the industry in everything from quality to diverse product solutions. In 2014, Greg Aziz implemented next-gen regulations for quality as well as quality to address the changing needs of its customers. This finally forced the North American governments to accept a policy for the entire industry to make the safety and security next level.



James Aziz comes with an expertise of more than 45 years in a number of industries such as investment banking, wholesale food business, and railcar industry. His initial assignment was Affiliated Foods in the year 1971. It was his family’s wholesale food venture, and Aziz helped it to grow its distribution network across North America. He also worked with some of the reputed investment banks in the Wall Street before taking up the National Steel Car challenge. See Related Link for additional information.

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Gregory Aziz and his Leadership over National Steel Car

National Steel Car, started up over a century ago, is based in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. The current owner of the manufacturing company is Gregory James Aziz who has assumed full leadership of the corporation as its Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer.



The leadership of Gregory James Aziz took National Steel Car quite far in only five years. Both the production capabilities and the workforce of the company more than doubled, and so Aziz was recognized for his accomplishments. The National Steel Car made a decisive comeback to its line of work and started leading the chart once more.



Now, 26 years later, the business is booming and establishing new production plants and expanding its operations. The company is working with clients outside of Canada, having turned its view to the United States of America. National Steel car is currently working on long-term partnerships and orders as the company will be designing and manufacturing hundreds of railroad transportation cars for a US-based company.



Gregory J Aziz has proven to be a strong leader of the National Steel car. When he first assumed leadership for buying the company from m=former owner Dofasco, National Steel Car was in need of a lot of care and nurture. The company had had to let people go periodically and downsize further and further to stay alive.



Downsizing, however, is the opposite of what James Aziz started doing once the company was his. Instead, he started hiring people and finding new investors. Greg James Aziz also increased the capacity of the National Steel Car to produce units from 3 500 to 12 000 in only five years.



Greg James Aziz has had some previous experience in business and growth. He was working at Affiliated Foods, a global importer of foodstuff. The business belonged to his family, and Greg Aziz saw it transform from a local company to a global one.



One of the most critical things for a company is to give back to its community. The National Steel Car had been isolated from community-based events and activities for years before Greg James Aziz came into play. Now, the manufacturing corporation is heavily involved in philanthropy and sponsoring local events in education, arts and culture, and sports. See This Article for more information.



The Christmas fundraising gala that the National Steel Car hosts every year is quite popular. The company donates thousands every Christmas and also fills up local bod banks and volunteer at local shelters.

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Sentient AI – Multi-variate Testing

Sentient AI is a highly effective piece of synthetic intelligence. The sheer impact of the software program on the enterprise is unmistakable. Ecommerce is certainly grateful for such a chunk of extremely good innovation. It makes the monotanous clicking and dragging fashion of development of the past seem archaic by assessment. The software program has made leaps inside the area of internet enterprise.

What’s Sentient AI? Sentient is both logical and thinking. AI stands for artificial intelligence. The ecommerce suite of equipment presented via Sentient AI are logical systems for growing conversion. The device makes use of deep learning systems to provide the most effective output for clients. The generation is the sector’s biggest and most powerfully dispensed gadget for artificial intelligence. Builders have combined multiple knowledge bases and sundry disciplines in medical, financial, and artistic fields. The scale of effectiveness in those platforms is unequaled via any other software available nowadays. The excellent part about Sentient AI is the reality that it’s absolutely self sustaining. Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.

With multi-variate testing in ecommerce the consumer likes and dislikes are defined via the web pages and interactions they present in the store. Whenever a consumer enters your online trade they will get an approximation of your company and merchandise. The higher their interaction in your site the more likely they may be to end up customers. Once they purchase, it’s called a conversion. Sentient AI multi-variate testing permits you to check a couple of forms of pages and find out precisely what your customers are searching out. Multi-variate testing has been birthed to take on the mission of staying one step in advance of the competition. Conversion fee optimization will supply businesses the capacity to maximize earnings and reap greater rewards of better backside traces.

Multi-variate testing functions by utilizing the deep knowledge of set of rules present in Sentient AI. The same factors that may fit in a single context won’t be as effective in some other contexts, so a couple of assessments are implemented to locate the top-quality answer. Whilst your design group utilizes the quality practices to increase pages with simplicity and consistency you may use the new pages as inputs for Sentient AI and multi-variate testing will produce the fine aggregate of pages to convert your clients into repeat shoppers. When you examine the consequences you’ll be very happy with the top rate net page applicants you’re offered with.

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Frontera Fund: President Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio

Michael Lacey and longtime friend Jim Larkin are the founders of a newsletter that is known as Front Page Confidential. The two journalists have endured numerous challenges in their line of work. These two have founded one of the most successful human rights organizations, known as Frontera Fund.

The institution has been using its funds to support charitable institutions in the country and other parts of the world. Many people have been able to live a good life because of the support they got from the company. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Over ten years ago, the two journalists found themselves in a lot of trouble. Several agents from the prestigious Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit invaded the homes of the journalists in Phoenix area. The incident was a shock to the journalist and their families who were not expecting such an activity.

The Special Forces were acting according to the orders that were given by Joe Arpaio, the powerful Maricopa Sherriff. The professionals were taken away in handcuffs and put behind bars. According to the reports from the sheriff, the two had been arrested because they had disclosed some confidential information about some jury investigation.

The news of this arrest was not taken lightly by the members of the public who chose to match on the streets and demand that they be released. By the time of the arrest, Lacey was working as the executive director of an institution known as Village Voice Media.

Larkin, on the other hand, was working as the chief executive officer of the organization. Before they were arrested, the two executives had published some content that did not go down well with the leadership of the Maricopa County.

According to the publication, the grand Jury was just investigating the journalists for no reason. Joe Arpaio had just set up a false story to detain the journalists because he was getting tired of the stories that were published by the New York Tine.

The newspaper was always exposing his wrong deeds, especially in the department he was in charge of. Since he was elected to the powerful office in the year 1992, the influential figure had received nothing but criticism from the authoritative newsletter.

Just recently, this story has come into the limelight all over again. The story has been published by the Front Page Confidential editor, and it has revisited some of the twists and turns in the Journalists decade battle that has taken place for more than a decade.

Although the journalists were compensated well after the illegal arrest, the battle seems to be far from being over. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The president of the country, Donald Trump announced that he had pardoned Joe and his team at the Maricopa County and this has not gone down well with the journalists. Human rights activists in the community have not accepted the news of the pardon lightly.

Most of them believe that the influential and arrogant sheriff should be prosecuted and forced to spend time in jail because of his gross misconduct when he was in office.

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Matt Badiali and Vital Natural Resources

The market is equipped with an excessive amount of oil at the moment. Oil supplies right now are markedly higher than their averages over the courses of half a decade. That means that are supplies are strong nowadays. This can help maintain prices that are on the lower side. Hurricane Harvey, though, may be able to force the supply in the United States to get a lot lower. That can be a positive thing for prices on oil. Read this article at to know more about Matt Badiali

Big companies may experience serious issues, too. Small slips could lead to serious global catastrophes. That danger could make oil prices a lot more expensive. People who take the time to assess Brent crude charts can see things with their very own eyes. Brent crude, in short, can give people helpful information that pertains to oil prices in Europe. Brent attained its strongest position since the summer of 2015. That indicates that now is the time to concentrate on the oil world. It hasn’t been the right time to concentrate on that world for ages. Oil supplies are still in a good position. Demand is just beginning to grow, too. The economy in Europe is now becoming a lot more powerful. Europe has the distinction of being a significant crude oil consumer. Making demand a lot higher there could have massive effects on the oil market. It may even be able to give the oil market a nice new sense of equilibrium. For more updates, Like the page on Facebook 

This craze could be an indication of enormous gains that can revitalize an energy division that has experienced a lot of stress over the last few years or so.

Matt Badiali is the man who works as Real Wealth Strategists’ motivated and passionate editor. He has a substantial background in the realm of natural resources. He’s been part of that realm for 20 enriching years. He’s a great addition to the Banyan Hill Publishing team as well. Banyan Hill Publishing is in Florida’s Delray Beach and has been a big option for people who care about secure and dependable investments of all types. Badiali is an individual who has done a lot of traveling throughout the years. He’s traveled to exotic settings such as Haiti, Singapore and Papua New Guinea. He’s been to many more locations beyond those, too. Badiali is someone who has seen all kinds of oil wells and mines. He’s discussed many pertinent matters with Chief Executive Officers.

Learn more:

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Joel Friant Relaunches His Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur who has started a number of companies during his career. His professional career began in real estate. He was a real estate agent and also worked on customer’s home remodeling projects. After a few years he entered the restaurant industry and ran a Thai food restaurant. While working in his restaurant he developed a product he named The Habanero Shaker. It was sold in grocery stores in the state of Washington and did pretty well. Once he had proved the concept he went back to real estate.

When Joel Friant re-entered the real estate industry he opened a company where he bought foreclosed homes. He fixed the homes up and then sold them. This process is called house flipping and people can do very well at it when they know what they are doing. He then became a mortgage broker. His ability to close loans made him the top salesperson at his location. He went on to open up new offices for another company which was involved in lending mortgages.

When the real estate market collapsed in 2008 Joel Friant researched why people are successful in life, both professionally and personally. He wrote a number of articles on the subject that appeared in publications around the world. He also learned about how to sell products online and during this time he thought once again about the Habanero Shaker.

It was in 2012 that Fryant launched The Original Habanero Shaker. It is sold exclusively on Amazon. It is made in the United States and only contains 100% habanero flakes with no fillers. He says that his competing products are usually mixed with salt and/or less expensive spices. He finds that the dried version is not too hot, like the liquid kind can be, but he says it retains all of the flavor.

Joel Friant says that The Original Habanero Shaker makes a great alternative to Tabasco sauce. It’s spicier and much more flavorful. It’s also very healthy and it contains high amounts of capsaicin. Capsaicin can help you speed up your metabolism and feel better and calmer.

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A Look At What AvaTrade Review Say About Them

AvaTrade is a company in the financial industry that was founded in 2006. It offers regulated Forex and CFD trading, including cryptocurrencies. In the last decade online trading has almost completely taken over as the way that markets operate. AvaTrade has cutting-edge experience at this and offers its clients the best way to trade currency.

AvaTrade operates under many government regulatory bodies. It’s a company based in Ireland so the Central Bank of Ireland regulates them. Their services are also provided in Europe and so they became licensed with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. At any time this organization can ask for AvaTrade system to provide it with records and operations that will be reviewed for financial transparency.

Over 200,000 people around the world use AvaTrade. In addition to Ireland they also have branch offices in Europe such as Italy, France, and Spain. In Asia there are offices in China, Japan, and Mongolia. In other places in the world there are branch offices in South Africa, Australia, and the British Virgin Islands.

AvaTrade review well with the traders who have made use of their platforms. They say the platforms are universally very easy to use. They also say that the websites are both secure and very responsive without lag times when accessing them. It’s probably the most reliable company to work with in the online trading industry as they are compliant with all of their regulators.

When it comes to Bitcoin many traders prefer to use AvaTrade over competing companies. The biggest reason for this is that Avatrade can offer these traders bonuses and promotions of up to $10,000 in value. Their platform also contains educational material on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so people can understand them better.

On the Avatrade website there are actually several educational opportunities to learn about how to trade both Forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. They offer a free ebook, for example, about the best Forex trading strategies. They also have video tutorials and articles that cover the very basics of how these types of trading work.

AvaTrade offers many trading platforms. Their most popular online platform is MetaTrader 4.

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