Matt Badiali and Vital Natural Resources

The market is equipped with an excessive amount of oil at the moment. Oil supplies right now are markedly higher than their averages over the courses of half a decade. That means that are supplies are strong nowadays. This can help maintain prices that are on the lower side. Hurricane Harvey, though, may be able to force the supply in the United States to get a lot lower. That can be a positive thing for prices on oil. Read this article at to know more about Matt Badiali

Big companies may experience serious issues, too. Small slips could lead to serious global catastrophes. That danger could make oil prices a lot more expensive. People who take the time to assess Brent crude charts can see things with their very own eyes. Brent crude, in short, can give people helpful information that pertains to oil prices in Europe. Brent attained its strongest position since the summer of 2015. That indicates that now is the time to concentrate on the oil world. It hasn’t been the right time to concentrate on that world for ages. Oil supplies are still in a good position. Demand is just beginning to grow, too. The economy in Europe is now becoming a lot more powerful. Europe has the distinction of being a significant crude oil consumer. Making demand a lot higher there could have massive effects on the oil market. It may even be able to give the oil market a nice new sense of equilibrium. For more updates, Like the page on Facebook 

This craze could be an indication of enormous gains that can revitalize an energy division that has experienced a lot of stress over the last few years or so.

Matt Badiali is the man who works as Real Wealth Strategists’ motivated and passionate editor. He has a substantial background in the realm of natural resources. He’s been part of that realm for 20 enriching years. He’s a great addition to the Banyan Hill Publishing team as well. Banyan Hill Publishing is in Florida’s Delray Beach and has been a big option for people who care about secure and dependable investments of all types. Badiali is an individual who has done a lot of traveling throughout the years. He’s traveled to exotic settings such as Haiti, Singapore and Papua New Guinea. He’s been to many more locations beyond those, too. Badiali is someone who has seen all kinds of oil wells and mines. He’s discussed many pertinent matters with Chief Executive Officers.

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Joel Friant Relaunches His Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur who has started a number of companies during his career. His professional career began in real estate. He was a real estate agent and also worked on customer’s home remodeling projects. After a few years he entered the restaurant industry and ran a Thai food restaurant. While working in his restaurant he developed a product he named The Habanero Shaker. It was sold in grocery stores in the state of Washington and did pretty well. Once he had proved the concept he went back to real estate.

When Joel Friant re-entered the real estate industry he opened a company where he bought foreclosed homes. He fixed the homes up and then sold them. This process is called house flipping and people can do very well at it when they know what they are doing. He then became a mortgage broker. His ability to close loans made him the top salesperson at his location. He went on to open up new offices for another company which was involved in lending mortgages.

When the real estate market collapsed in 2008 Joel Friant researched why people are successful in life, both professionally and personally. He wrote a number of articles on the subject that appeared in publications around the world. He also learned about how to sell products online and during this time he thought once again about the Habanero Shaker.

It was in 2012 that Fryant launched The Original Habanero Shaker. It is sold exclusively on Amazon. It is made in the United States and only contains 100% habanero flakes with no fillers. He says that his competing products are usually mixed with salt and/or less expensive spices. He finds that the dried version is not too hot, like the liquid kind can be, but he says it retains all of the flavor.

Joel Friant says that The Original Habanero Shaker makes a great alternative to Tabasco sauce. It’s spicier and much more flavorful. It’s also very healthy and it contains high amounts of capsaicin. Capsaicin can help you speed up your metabolism and feel better and calmer.

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A Look At What AvaTrade Review Say About Them

AvaTrade is a company in the financial industry that was founded in 2006. It offers regulated Forex and CFD trading, including cryptocurrencies. In the last decade online trading has almost completely taken over as the way that markets operate. AvaTrade has cutting-edge experience at this and offers its clients the best way to trade currency.

AvaTrade operates under many government regulatory bodies. It’s a company based in Ireland so the Central Bank of Ireland regulates them. Their services are also provided in Europe and so they became licensed with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive. At any time this organization can ask for AvaTrade system to provide it with records and operations that will be reviewed for financial transparency.

Over 200,000 people around the world use AvaTrade. In addition to Ireland they also have branch offices in Europe such as Italy, France, and Spain. In Asia there are offices in China, Japan, and Mongolia. In other places in the world there are branch offices in South Africa, Australia, and the British Virgin Islands.

AvaTrade review well with the traders who have made use of their platforms. They say the platforms are universally very easy to use. They also say that the websites are both secure and very responsive without lag times when accessing them. It’s probably the most reliable company to work with in the online trading industry as they are compliant with all of their regulators.

When it comes to Bitcoin many traders prefer to use AvaTrade over competing companies. The biggest reason for this is that Avatrade can offer these traders bonuses and promotions of up to $10,000 in value. Their platform also contains educational material on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so people can understand them better.

On the Avatrade website there are actually several educational opportunities to learn about how to trade both Forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. They offer a free ebook, for example, about the best Forex trading strategies. They also have video tutorials and articles that cover the very basics of how these types of trading work.

AvaTrade offers many trading platforms. Their most popular online platform is MetaTrader 4.

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The Oxford Club: Continuing Strong for Their Members Wealth

It was a recent report by the options strategist of The Oxford Club, Karim Rahemtulla, called the “Ultimate Income Checklist”. He talked about alternative income, and how this year wasn’t the best. He also talked about how one method is simple, but discipline is required for success. He stated how they’ve been trying to purchase stocks at large discount rates or get paid for trying. But to obtain these gains according to Rahemtulla, readers must spend five minutes to set up an options account.

To set up the options account, he said you must have a regular account for stock trading. Then, you must either contact your broker or go online to go the client services or options area. Then complete the form asking your desired trading types, select options, and proceed from there. He also discussed margins, which he usually doesn’t advise, as well as the broker normally requiring a certain amount in your account, selling puts, and other choices when undergoing this process.

With all the issues and choices with this process, Rahemtulla, arranged a free live training event to teach about how to succeed in his put-selling strategy. He assisted in teaching investors the difference between disciplined investing and greed.

About The Oxford Club

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, The Oxford Club,, is a global and private network of successful entrepreneurs and investors. It was found in 1989, has around 51 to 100 employees, and has over 80,000 members located in 100 countries.

The Oxford Club offers its members strategies for preserving and achieving wealth, and global opportunities for market-beating returns. They operate as a subsidiary of The Agora, previously known as Agora Inc. With their time-tested and unique investment principles and systems to consistently win in the market, their recommendations include bonds, equities, funds, options, collectibles, real estate, currencies, and precious metals.

This organization also has investment research services, monthly newsletters, and trading recommendations. They host symposiums and financial seminars. They also monitor investment excursions.

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Siteline Cabinetry Is Offering Custom Made Cabinets At An Affordable Price

Located in Keysville, Virginia, Corsi Group has opened a new manufacturing plant for cabinetry. The new manufacturing business has changed how the world of custom cabinets has operated up until now. For Pat Corsi, he knows so much about the business of cabinetry and the dates that something occurred in the business, he will be able to tell you an exact date of the specific occurance.

The Corsi Group had first been started back in 1973 in Indianapolis. When approached about the focus of the company, they are quick to answer, on the designer. For Siteline, the designer is always the main focus.

When Siteline first launched in 2015, they opened the production plant in the late third quarter of the year 2015. The business first started on as a business with a small business admin loan. When the cabinetry business first started and was obtained, they first had been working at a different cabinet company. Their company is now employing more than 200 employees since it first opened and in the year 2000, Siteline opened another manufacturing plant in West Virginia.

Each brand of the Corsi Group is independent of itself. Each one of the brands under the Corsi Group are made specifically for the group they are working under. For instance, Siteline is considered to be custom within the standard of engineered. Between each of the manufacturing plants under the Corsi Group, each one is specific to building the cabinets custom made and even though they are each different from the other, the actual difference in them is not related to product quality. Each one of the cabinet manufacturers under the Corsi Group has their own finish and their own style of doors. With Siteline, when you purchase this type of custom cabinets, you will find that they carry a broader line of products which carry a number of different cosmetic changes to the cabinets versus other lines by the Corsi Group.

The Corsi Group knew what it was doing when it created the Siteline Cabinetry line. By focusing on the fact that many homeowners are turning to Pinterest to help design their homes, they have used this to help determine where their pricing should lie.

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Ted Bauman explaining the reality of Bitcoin currency

Ted Bauman recently published an article on Bitcoin and the weaknesses of the popular digital currency. Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity and has been for some time now. There are many reasons for the popularity but the main one is the power to conduct financial transactions without interference from the government, and a large degree of security and privacy. The transactions are a big part of freedom of government control but they come with a major flaw. One transaction for bitcoin can take more than 10 minutes to complete. People today want their money right away, so this is a major concern.

Because of the concern over the long transaction times, consumers have begun looking for a new alternative form of currency and have turned to Bitcoin Cash. As soon as Bitcoin Cash came out it tanked the Bitcoin prices. However, most people were not aware that all the Bitcoin currency that existed before was now part of the Bitcoin Cash system. Ted Bauman now believes that investing in Bitcoin will return his readers a large sum. He bases this belief because he sees a flaw in Bitcoin Cash, which will give rise to Bitcoin value. Visit Ted Bauman at to know more.

Ted Bauman says that bitcoin will not work as a currency because of the 40 minute processing time for transactions. He compared Bitcoin’s transaction times to Visa which can process nearly 1,700 transactions every second, while Bitcoin currently can only process 6.5 transactions per second. As more people begin to use bitcoin, the processing time will become even longer, meaning a longer waiting time.

Ted Bauman acknowledges that attempts are being made to solve this problem, but nobody has found a workable solution. The main reason is because of the speed and security need. When you increase speed, either the amount of data processed in each bitcoin mining sample will be reduced or the size of the blocks of data will increase. Both of these options will create some minor holes in security. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

Ted Bauman became the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He also is lead editor of the Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. His specialties include asset protection and privacy matters. He’s also knowledgeable in international migration issues and low-risk investment. Ted Bauman was born and raised in the Washington D.C. region. He emigrated to South Africa, where he studied economics and history. Ted Bauman now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Great Britain and was raised in the UK. He moved to Israel in 1989 and served in Israel’s Foreign Ministry in various capacities, including diplomatic, legal and political positions. In 2011, he met with Queen Elizabeth for the first time as Israel’s Ambassador to the UK. In an interview about the day he met the Queen, his outfit was mentioned and what he wore on his head in particular – his kippah, a brimless cap, worn by Jewish men. This was to show the Queen that he would always stand by his beliefs as an Orthodox Jew. The Queen asked him “how he was going to feel representing the country to which he immigrated less than thirty years earlier”. Daniel said he was grateful he and his wife raised their children in Israel but realized from his family’s history “of the greatest opportunity and hope they found there in the UK”. He wanted to show his appreciation and represent Israel in creating a stronger friendship and commradery between the two countries. In his four years as Ambassador, the Israel-UK trade doubled!


Daniel Taub helped show the importance of the UK to Israel by:

  1. Playing a Critical Role in Europe.
  2. Showing that the British Media is the World Media.
  3. Showing that Britain is the Financial Center of the World.


As Ambassador, he was able to meet and have conversations with many fascinating British people, who were willing to listen objectively and accept differences in opinions and respect Israel’s place in the world. He even visited the city of Bradford, where a controversial anti-Israel racist gave a speech saying the city should be an Israel-free zone and should not deal with anyone or accept any goods from Israel. Daniel went at the request of many citizens that did not feel this person was representative of the city’s viewpoint. Daniel wanted to help in bringing the city together to make it a better place in the future for people who lived in Bradford.


Daniel Treb returned to Israel in 2015 and is now Director of Strategy and Planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem. He was one of the most popular ambassadors and many in the Jewish community hated to see him go. When he left, he was hopeful that the warm relationships between the two countries would continue for many years. Learn more:



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How Waiakea Water Helps the Body Achieve Optimal Alkalinity Levels

The bottled water industry is a big business, being valued on a global level at $100 billion. Over the last few decades bottled water went from, “Why would I ever buy that?” to, “I only drink bottled water” for many people. There are brands that are rather pedestrian while other brands bring a lot more to the table and are premium in nature. The premium brands have things about them like naturally occurring minerals or added vitamins.
Waiakea Water is a premium brand of bottled water. Like other brands it has naturally occurring minerals in it. However, one of its key selling points is that it is naturally, not artificially, alkaline. 7 pH is the cutoff when it comes to alkalinity. Anything less than that is acidic while everything over 7 is alkaline. The Waiakea brand of water is naturally somewhere between 7.6 pH and 8.2 pH. This makes it a very healthy water as the human body is at its best when it is around 7.4 pH which Waiakea Water helps to achieve.

Being better for the environment is another way that Waiakea Water is different from other brands of bottled water. Far too many of the bottles end up in the environment because some people are just plain lazy and don’t care about the effect their actions have on the environment. Due to this, the entire Waiakea Water bottle is made of recycled bottles in order to keep down the amount of waste. They’re also coming out with a new bottle that will break down in just 15 years versus other brands which take around 1,500 years for their bottles to finally decompose.
Another way that Waiakea Water helps the environment is how they ship their water. Due to the fact that they use low-emission trucks the company has been certified as Carbon Neutral. Additionally, they are a socially aware company. Around 3% of the firm’s profits are donated. Some of this money goes to local community programs while the rest supports national and international charities. It’s for all these reasons that sales of the Waiakea Water brand have been skyrocketing in recent years.
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Securus Technologies Dominating the Correctional Sphere with Ground-Breaking Products and Services

People who are incarcerated have a tough life inside the prison. Staying away from friends and family is complicated, but thanks to the modern communication technology, it is now possible for the inmates to keep in contact with their relatives and friends. Securus Technologies is a firm that has been operating in the correctional field since 1986 and has with time emerged as the leader in the industry, mainly due to its focus on research and innovation. The company understands the pain of the inmates who are staying away from family and are continually looking for ways to increase the communication opportunities for the detainees through technology.


Securus Technologies has over the years invested millions into its technology and has also developed its proprietary operating software. The company has received many awards over the years for its high-quality products and services, including the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service. The customer service of the company has to be good, especially in the service based company to ensure that the customers don’t face any issues and the problems faced by the customers are quickly resolved. Securus Technologies has for years tried to maintain an excellent reputation in the industry by ensuring that the customers get the value for money products and services.


Securus Technologies has also been receiving rave reviews from its customers, including the law enforcement officers and the inmates. The law enforcement officers have written e-mails to the company elaborating on how the company’s products and services have proved to be valuable and productive on the field. The investigative services of the company have ensured that the law enforcement officers can work with more confidence and have the technology needed these days to curb crime rate, which has been soaring slowly in the last few years. The company has helped make tremendous progress in the last few years and has been dominating the correctional sphere completely.

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Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is a businessman with experience in matters relating to the field of hospitality and healthcare industry. He was born in Kenya. Later, he moved to the United Kingdom to complete his studies. At the United Kingdom, he started a company known as Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare is an organization that provide home for the aged persons. Additionally, the organization assists people living with physical and mental disabilities.

In 2002, Sussex Healthcare was established after being approved by the People Health Invest Council. The organization is located in the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare also offers other services such as physiotherapy and occupational services. Moreover, other services provided by the organization include recreation and educational services, specialized adult care, palliative care, and dementia care.

Sussex Healthcare believes in providing a safe and comfortable environment to help individuals maximize their social, mental, physical, intellectual and physical capacity. Additionally, Sussex Healthcare provides activities like recreation, leisure, and social activities to its convalescents to help them improve their overall treatment, health, and well-being.

Sussex Healthcare has a team of full-time qualified staff members. The staff members are well trained to provide the best nursing care to the convalescents. Shiraz Boghani persuades his team to handle every convalescent with respect, care, and dignity. The facilities at Sussex Healthcare are well equipped to tackle various patient requirements. The services supplied by the organization are technology driven and, therefore, provide effective health care services and treatment to the convalescents. As a Managing Partner at Sussex, Shiraz Boghani is in charge of service delivery, management, and recruitment of staff members.

Shiraz Boghani has an overwhelming experience in matters related to hospitality management. He is a founding director and the current chairman of Sojourn Hotels.

During his 20 years in the field of hotel industry, Mr. Boghani has managed to be a co-owner of more than 15 hotels. Besides, during his tenure, Shiraz has established many close ties with European funders.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Shiraz Boghani is also a humanitarian. He has conducted many fundraising activities for the Sussex programs. Furthermore, he has also assisted many Aga Khan Foundation projects.

In 2006, due to his hard work and immense achievements, Mr. Boghani was granted the Asian Business Community Award. He was honored the award for being the entrepreneur of the year. Mr. Shiraz Encourages young people to be strategic and focused to enable them achieve their goals.

Visit for more information about Shiraz Boghani.

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